In Transit


2011, 21:30 min, color, sound

Lord's interest in architecture and urban public space has led to the production of a series of video works that document and explore issues of urban geography and planning. In Transit is an observed portrait of the spaces—often considered non-places—of air travel. It moves from San Francisco to Shanghai, Beijing to London, and Frankfurt to Mexico City, though these geographic leaps are barely perceptible in the airport interiors or the travelers' behavior. The viewer is ultimately left with an image of air travel that is equal parts science fiction and the sublime.

Flown, Shot, and Edited by Chip Lord. Sound Design/Mix: Earwax Productions, Jim Mckee. Music Composers/Performers: Wieslaw Porgorzelski, Laurie Amat, Jim McKee. Additional footage (LAX, MID) shot by Starr Sutherland. Funded in part by The Video Art Project at LAX World Airport, Tom Bradley International Terminal. Administered by the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles and by Faculty Research funds and a grant from the Arts Research Institute at the University of California, Santa Cruz.