Banana Split (25 Stories)

1991, 37:30 min, color, sound

This tape negotiates the personal and cultural dynamics of being hapa, or Amerasian. Coming from a "mixed blood" background, Fulbeck weaves together personal narrative and media imagery to examine cultural icons, practices and assimilations from both the Chinese and American sides. Telling autobiographical stories, Fulbeck addresses the transforming Amerasian experience, his bitterly funny tales exposing sources of racism, sexism, and symbolic domination within suburban America. Fulbeck's voice-over narrative takes the viewer through childhood fights and adult dilemmas, and questions ethnic dating patterns and media depictions of Asian men — all the while documenting a family life richly colored by the Chinese language and culture of his mother's family and the vernacular language and culture of Southern California. Banana Split is dedicated to the artist's parents and Dim Sum.

"The Popcorn" recorded by James Brown, "Stomping the Savoy" recorded by Benny Goodman, "Rock & Roll Hoochie-koo" recorded by Johnny Winter, "Yung Cheung Dung Hwo" recorded by Ni Hulyang, "Higher Ground" recorded by Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Toki's theme" recorded by The Dave Brubeck Quartet, "Butterfly Lovers Song," recorded by Jon Jang and the Pan Asian Arkestra. "Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu" published by Marvel Comics. "Game of Death" produced by Raymond Chow, Golden Harvest Films. Policeman voice: Andy Boutelle. "Lawrence is Two" Written by Jack Fulbeck.

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