Cheryl Donegan: Selected Works I

1991-93, 14:10 min, color, sound
1991, 9:01 min, color, sound
1993, 1:42 min, color, sound
1993, 3:13 min, color, sound

In Gag, Donegan sits, hands behind her back, clutching a baguette between her knees. She chews and swallows the bread until only a stub remains. In Guide Donegan uses her hands and fingers to chart a path of "footprints" on paper, only to immediately smear and obscure the prints with water and a paintbrush. In MakeDream Donegan stands in front of an empty canvas, wearing a paint-filled squeeze bottle on a string around her waist. Without using her hands, she catches the bottle between her thighs and squeezes it to create a Pollock-like splatter painting. With her ironic athletic gestures, Donegan rewrites the phallic mythology of male creativity via Action Painting.