Music Video

2008, 3:11 min, color, sound

Cheryl Donegan writes: "I had daydream that the Smiths asked me to make a video for their new single. It is actually a case of the present facilitating the past, or rather the recent past, or maybe a past that is out of reach...When I was a kid in my 20's and was totally obsessed with the Smiths, the idea of video never occurred to me. Later, like 27 years later, I had a fantasy of what a great Smiths video I'd have made, if I'd been into video then, and not an aimless art student. I concocted a great video with a big line dance on 14th Street that I'd film from a slow moving golf cart, with a huge cast of characters dancing like they did on the old Soul Train that I used to watch on TV on Saturday afternoons in the early 70's. Well, in 2008 there's no Smiths and no reunion and no cast of dancers, but there are recordings....I made this off YouTube and I-Tunes. The past, recovered, and something I thought of just the other day."

Kim Rosenfield "re:evolution," 2008. The Smith's "Shelia Take Bow," 1987.