I Still Want to Drown

2010, 3:18 min, color, sound

Donegan writes: "The piece is a short lament and meditation on housework, heartbreak and posing...keeping up appearances and appearing to keep up...I thought about Douglas Sirk and decorating...

To the soaring Dionne Warick sound, the video unfolds as a series of images of a woman alone in a darkened apartment, shot to seem as if from a voyeur's point of view through a window. It is Jeanne Dielman, going through her mundane routines of cooking and cleaning. Subsequent scenes of lush interiors, digital 'fly throughs' of luxury apartments for sale, then a swirling montage of decorative glass objets d'art and coffee table kitsch sculptures float by as the singer laments her lover's betrayal and declares her own unwavering faith.

The video's denouement is in a basement where decorative seasonal objects are lovingly preserved. The closing shots were shot off live television, depicting a woman modeling fall fashions—it is the artist. This was my first TV appearance, not as an artist, but as a model."