1997, 3:30 min, color, sound

Donegan rests on her arms and knees inside a black frame, wearing a black cocktail dress, with a glass pane on her back as a table. On the table is a jar of paintbrushes, and as Donegan reaches for one of these the black paint is flipped onto the floor. Viewed from above, she paces in circles; while still on her knees she makes a spiral pattern. In the second section, Donegan hangs by her arms with her knees up. On her legs are strapped two paint-soaked sponges which she pushes into the back of her male partner, who is left with two finger print like impressions on his back. The piece resumes themes of Rehearsal and Practisse, playing on stereotypes of the artist's studio activities and the process of making art. In the first set-up, Donegan conflates the artist's private 'studio' action with the public persona suggested by the cocktail dress — a role playing that is part of being an artist today.

Editor: Bob Beck at Electronic Arts Intermix. Film footage courtesy of Rick Prelinger. Music: Puccini 's "Turandot" with Maria Callas, "Urban Clearway," Saint Etienne.