Fitzgerald and Sanborn: Music Videos

1982, 12:42 min, color, sound
1982, 4:03 min, color, sound
1982, 5:12 min, color, sound
1982, 3:27 min, color, sound

Heartbeat exemplifies the artists' playful fusion of nonlinear narrative, music and technology. Using layered, translucent video effects, they construct a driven tale of love, loss and obsession, underscored by King Crimson's relentless and moody music. The artists collaborated with Dean Winkler on Big Electric Cat, one of their first experiments with image-processing using computer graphic and Paintbox systems. To music by Adrian Belew, they synthesize animation and video into what Sanborn terms a "seamless and effortless trip through psychedelic techniques, hypnotically in tune with the song." Set to the music of Jimi Hendrix, Wild Thing is a rapid-fire, image-packed reminiscence of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, and the sober realizations of the "morning after."

Heartbeat: Editor: John Zieman. Music: King Crimson.

Big Electric Cat: In collaboration with Dean Winkler. Music: Adrian Belew.

Wild Thing: With: Clark Render. Editor: John Zieman.