Paris a la Carte

1978, 28:15 min, color, sound

Paris a la carte is an idiosyncratic "travelogue" of Paris that merges cultural myth, reality and media clich├ęs. The fascination that the city exerts on the American imagination is countered with the indelible, often incongruous influence of American pop culture on the Parisian landscape. Employing their hallmark rapid editing and use of visual association, the artists cut through the conventional tourist's view of Paris landmarks to capture a peculiar hybrid of French high and American pop cultures.

Editors: Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanborn. Narration: Russell Connor. Camera: Kit Fitzgerald, Kit Galloway, Lenny Jensen, Sherri Rabinowitz, John Sanborn. On-line Editors: Girish Bhargava, Al Muller. Produced by the International Television Workshop and the TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen (VISA series).