Resolution of the Eye

1980, 40:15 min, color, sound

This work explores perception, time and memory, based on the concept that "science has yet to determine the actual resolution of the eye." Using time-lapse, slow dissolves, and ghostly, ephemeral images, the artists manipulate linear time and dimensionality. Evoking subconscious memory, Remains Vivid recalls childhood experiences through use of the "after-image," while Over/Time subtly transposes physical and temporal distance as contrasting, equally resonant landscapes. POV explores the subjective eye versus the camera eye, and the nature of artistic creation. Using a split-screen technique, Similar Nature dissects the activities of four people in a study of time, motion, and simultaneity of gesture. Sax and Violins is a conflation of sound and fragmented image in which the musicians perform separately and are brought together only in the post-production process.

Producers: John Sanborn, Kit Fitzgerald. Director: Kit Fitzgerald. Performers: John Amplas, Rebecca Armstrong, Jennifer Borge, Peter Gordon, David Van Tieghem, Steven Worth. Produced by the TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen. Editor: John J. Godfrey. Supervising Producer: Carol Brandenburg.