Still Life

1981, 7:30 min, color, sound
1981, 2:19 min, color, sound
1981, 24 sec, color, sound
1981, 3:14 min, color, sound
1981, 1:24 min, color, sound

In Still Life, Fitzgerald and Sanborn experiment with nonlinear narrative in mini-dramas of male/female sexual politics, using innovative strategies to edit music, sound, image and text in a kinetic interplay of language, visuals and structure. Static is a dynamic boy-meets-girl narrative that uses a stuttering sound overlay of spoken text. Don't Ask is a pithy anecdote of marital resentment, using highly manipulated editing. Layering text and sound, Episode is a narrative of a young couple's power struggle. Employing single-frame edits from broadcast television, the artists construct a rapid-fire media barrage of sound and image in Black & White.

Static: With: Eric Bogosian, Jo Bonnie.

Don't Ask: With: Louis Grenier, Darcie Lee.

Episode: With: Eric Bogosian, Jo Bonnie.

Sound produced with David Van Tieghem.