Grass or When the Rain Falls on the Water Does the Fish Get Any Wetter

1985, 5:25 min, b&w and color, sound

Grass is a meditation on both the creative and destructive powers of human nature. Representations of the beginning of life progress into a dynamic collage in which all elements appear to be suspended in space and time — a fish in water, an embryo in the womb, human figures in perpetual, Muybridge-like motion — and culminate in an explosive barrage of warlike images. Traditional Japanese music accompanies Tanaka's computer-synthesized imagery, graphic designs and text, which together create a striking symmetry of image and sound.

Performers: Terry Yarbor, Rachel Rosenthal, Darrel Moore. Production: Janice Tanaka, Rebecca Gallardo, David Garrardo, Matthew Lloyd, Kirk Schwenker. Editors: Janice Tanaka, Charles Langrall, Kevin Huotari. Graphics: Janice Tanaka, Charles Langrall, Paul Lempke, Scott Hanson, Kevin Huotari.