Who's going to pay for these donuts, anyway?

1992, 58:18 min, color, sound

Tanaka continues her exploration of identity and cultural heritage in the context of family. She writes: "This piece is about my father, a resident of a home for the chronically mentally ill, and my uncle, a successful retired businessman, both of whom suffered the inequities of disenfranchisement, the indignities of internment. Who's going to pay for these donuts anyway? attempts to understand concepts of right versus wrong, normal versus abnormal, rules versus people and words versus experience, as defined by convictions of the dominant culture."

Producer/Director: Janice Tanaka. Narration/Voiceover: Nancy Penn, R.D. Rathbone, Michael Shibata, Samuel Spade, Ken Takemoto, Lawrence Talbot, Janice Tanaka, Robert Yamate, Nelson Yamaguchi. Production Coordinators: Genevieve Fong, Rebecca Gallardo, Seton Kim, Laura Wiggins. Lighting: Timothy Durr. Audio: K.C. Clayton. Video Editors: Suzanne Mitus-uribe, Janice Tanaka. Edited at The Post Group, Los Angeles. Original Music: Douglas Lofstrom. Graphics: Rhythm & Hues. Graphic Artists: Charley Gibson, Jonathan Derovan. Photographs: Toyo Miyatake, Archie Miyatake. Fo Fum Productions.