Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

1987, 16:30 min, b&w and color, sound

Striking images of human figures, landscape and architecture shape this video opera. Computer-animated sequences accompany brilliant studies of motion, where performers move through a landscape that remembers history. Structured in five separate acts and four interludes, the work demands to be read according to the title principle, which states that one must consider the whole while examining each component separately, remembering that each part affects the others. This, Tanaka suggests, is the only way to examine the past. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle both celebrates and laments the creative and destructive nature of human history.

Conceived/Composed/Written/Directed: Janice Tanaka. Musical Score: Doug Lofstrom. Performers: Chicago Lyric Opera. Animators: Melanie Annis, Sandra Little. Editors: Marilyn Wulff, Janice Tanaka. Graphics: Paul Marvine, Janice Tanaka. Graphics Editors: Greg Snider, Marilyn Wulff, Janice Tanaka. Camera: Bret Mann, Janice Tanaka. Lighting Design: Janice Tanaka.