No Hop Sing. No Bruce Lee: What do you do when none of your heroes look like you?

1998, 27:46 min, color, sound

Writes Tanaka: "Silent, sex-less, obedient houseboys and mystic martial arts masters are the popular images of Asian males propagated in this culture's mass media. Invisibility is the core element reflected in this single-dimensional representation of Asian men. Through the reflections and voices of Asian American men, we become privy to the manner in which racism effects their lives and personal identity."

Producer/Director: Janice Tanaka. Co-Producer/Co-Director: David Gallardo. Original Music: Doug Lofstrom. Production Coordinator: Carry Kim. Camera/Lighting/Audio: Janice Tanaka, David Gallardo. Opening Graphics: Jeyoung le, Hyungchul Park. Off line Editors: Janice Tanaka, David Gallardo. On line Editor: Chris Skrunds. Interviews with: Dom Magwili, Danny Ly, Yoshi Moriwaki, Michael Kim, Alex Luu, Darrell Kunitomi, George Kamon, Stephen Stickler, Christopher Bowers, David Gallardo.