1985, 27:08 min, color, sound

A still from the Hollywood film Dracula, a small pink spade, and a nursery rhyme are the keys that unlock this enigmatic narrative labyrinth. In Hyaloïde, the Nysts create a "beautiful confusion" of childhood memories, associative games, verbal and visual analogies, metaphorical objects, self-referential humor and poetic metamorphoses. This dreamlike, semiotic voyage through memory, language and representation emerges at the psychological and linguistic origins of narrative: "Once upon a time..." The characters Thérèsa and Codca (played by the Nysts) imagine that one can "pass under the level of the story, insinuate ourselves in the mesh of signs as we were able to when we were children... where the opacity of the image becomes transparent (hyaloid) and lets in the light of a legendary world." This enchanted universe of signs articulates the Nysts' unique system of "writing" through video.

In French with English subtitles.

Narration: Danièle and Jacques Louis Nyst. Camera: Toon Illegems. Animation: Wim DeClercq. Editor/Special Effects: Ivan Beeckaert. Music: Axel Libeert. Produced by Continental Vidéo, Vidéographie RTBF Liège, Wallonie Image Production.