Saga sachets (Légende du Val de l'Ourthe et de l'Amblève)

1989, 26:26 min, color, sound

Saga sachets is a beautifully visualized, fantastical tale that weaves a mythical legend about storytelling. Writes Jacques Louis Nyst, "The satchel sagas are very light envelopes taken about by air streams. They arrive shortly before spring in the Ourthe and Amblève Valley, where they settle upside down. In this position, they whisper to the Planet Earth stories they collected during the year. The earth is attentive to them, it garners these stories in the deep of its memory along mysterious channels. The earth's memory is a deep sanctum where deep calm reigns... Out of this mirror of darkness the earth draws the images that it will later express in the guise of landscapes. Landscapes are born of stories told."

In French.

Screenplay: Jacques Louis Nyst. Camera: Jean Ponsard, Jacques Louis Nyst, Ronald Dagonnier. Sound: Thierry Massin, Pierre Joseph Renkin. Lighting: Wolf Paquay. Editor: Alain Darville. Production: Pepasaupa Production, RTBF Liège.