Thérèsa Plane

1983, 13:47 min, color, sound

Thérèsa Plane is a mythological love story of a woman and a frog, told as a contemporary fairy tale of poetic transformations and dislocations that follows a circular narrative course through the imaginary and the everyday. With verbal and visual play, Nyst assembles autobiographical references, symbolic objects and linguistic signs to construct a fascinating philosophical and psychological discourse. A dreamlike space resonates with the emblematic language of Nyst's lyrical narration. Against a flat, white ground, isolated objects — a pine cone, a column, a nude, a frog — are inscribed with iconographic significance. Metaphoric and formal allusions to the rectangular confinement of the video screen intersect with nightmarish scenes of rupture and disorientation from a horror film (Poltergeist,) as Nyst creates an enigmatic theater of the surreal.

In French with English subtitles.

Camera: Benoît Heuse. Sound: André Corteil. Special Effects: André Cortiel, Benoît Heuse. With: Danièle Nyst.