J'ai la tête qui tourne (My Head is Spinning)

1984, 15:48 min, color, sound

A whimsical, philosophical dialogue between a man and a woman (played by Jacques Louis and Danièle Nyst) about "moving the earth and night to a small grey corner" is the starting point for an intricate play of words and images, associations and meanings. This collage-like narrative, which flirts with both the everyday and the magical, unfolds as a mythical reverie on signs and language — spoken, written and visual. The Nysts' fascination with objects and their representations is exquisitely illustrated; their verbal and textual intricacies show a delight with language and its semiotic relation to images. Creating a poetic meta-language that suggests the immensity and abstraction of ideas, the Nysts construct a fantastical video universe where "information is a tragedy," and a unicorn signifies salvation.

In French with English subtitles.

Narration: Daniéle and Jacques Louis Nyst. Camera: Toon Illegems, Benoît Heuse. Sound: Piet Verbist. Editor/Special Effects: Ivan Beeckaert. Produced by Continental Video, Wallonie Image Production, Vidéographie RTBF Liège.