John Sanborn and Mary Perillo: Dance Works

1986-88, 48:40 min, color, sound
1986, 15:15 min, color, sound
1987, 12:55 min, color, sound
1987, 13 min, color, sound
1988, 7:30 min, color, sound

These dynamic works of video dance showcase the innovative choreography of Charles Moulton, Molissa Fenley, David Gordon and Tim Buckley. Composed of dance fragments that are choreographed in the editing process, Fractured Variations is a unique hybrid of dance and video in which the rapid intercutting and three-dimensionality of the post-production accents the powerful athleticism of the choreography. In Visual Shuffle, Moulton's choreography becomes part of a fantastic landscape of floating pop icons and symbols. Geography combines Molissa Fenley's high-velocity choreography with Sanborn and Perillo's dynamic interplay of sound and image, as Fenley and dancers spin across the Painted Desert of Arizona. Duet, which David Gordon choreographed for PBS' Dance in America series, describes immigrants Mikhail Barishnikov and Valda Setterfield's experiences of coming to America. Endance is a witty take-off of a public television documentary. Choreographer Tim Buckley solemnly discusses his life, work, and decision to stop dancing, in a convinving narrative built on a false premise: the end of a dancer's career.

Dance Works Fractured Variations/Visual Shuffle: Directors: John Sanborn, Mary Perillo. Choreography: Charles Moulton. Producers: Mary Perillo, Robin O'Hara. Music: Scott Johnson, Bill Buchen/Sonic Architecture. Produced for "Alive From Off Center," KTCA-TV, Minneapolis.

Geography: Directors: John Sanborn, Mary Perillo. Choreography: Molissa Fenley. Performers: Molissa Fenley, Silvia Martins, Scottie Mirviss. Music: Mark Helias, David Van Tieghem. Producer: Robin O'Hara. Produced for "Alive From Off Center," KTCA-TV, Minneapolis.

Duet: Director: Don Mischer. Visual Designers: John Sanborn, Mary Perillo. Choreography: David Gordon. With: Mikhail Barishnikov, Valda Setterfield, The Pick Up Company. A Don Mischer Production.

Endance: Choreographer: Tim Buckley. Director: John Sanborn. Composer: "Blue" Gene Tyranny. Produced for "Alive From Off Center," KTCA-TV, Minneapolis. Producer: John Ligon.