PICO (Performance Indeterminate Cage Opera) reMIX

2013, 77 min, color, sound

Writes Sanborn: "If you took the musical transformation of John Cage, the radical thinking of Marcel Duchamp, and the media anarchy of Nam June Paik, and put them in a blender... the result would be PICO (Performance Indeterminate Cage Opera).

PICO is a video memoir celebrating the lineage of Cultural Revolution launched by the innovative avant-garde triumvirate Duchamp, Cage and especially Paik and their profound influence on me."

Performing collaborators for PICO are dancers Joseph Copley, Margaret Cromwell, Carlos Venturo, Alyah Baker, Kelly Del Resario and Katherine Wells; composer Wobbly; sound artist Negativland; cellist/composer Theresa Wong; composer Luciano Chessa; architect/designer Megan Kelly-Sweeney; pianist Sarah Cahill; designer Leah Hefner; and Skip Sweeney and Roger Jones from Video Free America.

PICO (reMIX) won the Audience Award at the 2013 Mill Valley Film Festival, the Award of Excellence at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival, and 2 Gold Remi Awards at the 2015 Houston International Film Festival.

Presented by: John Sanborn and New Music Bay Area. Originator, Orchestrator, Editor: John Sanborn. Dancers: Joseph Copley, Margaret Cromwell, Carlos Venturo, Alyah Baker, Kelly Del Resario, Katherine Wells. Muscian/Composer: Wobbly. Sound artist/Performers/Live Surround Sound: Negativland. Composer/Cellist: Theresa Wong. Pianist: Sarah Cahill. Composer/Performer: Luciano Chessa. Architect/Designer: Megan Kelley-Sweeney. Designer: Leah Hefner. Multi-Channel Video Supervisors and Editors: Skip Sweeney and Roger Jones of Video Free America. PICO Live Dancers: Brendan Barthel, Emily Baumann, Laura Rae Bernasconi, Breton Tyner-Bryan, Samantha Beach Clark, Jamielyn Duggan, Norma Fong, Elliot Gittelsohn, Sarah Griffin, Alex Jenkins, Emily Kerr, Rachel Little, Daiane Lopes de Silva, Enormvs Muños, Ana Robles, Keon Saghari, Travis Santell Rowland, Leslie Schickel, Tegan Schwab, Nol Simonse, Jarrad Webster. PICO Live VFA Camera Crew: Kevin Jones, Kenny Voelker, Marco Antonelli, Mike Kuba, Jeff Capps, Nate Gallagher. Pico Live Audience Participants: Aram Antaramian, Mary Jane Beddow, Shaun Case, Dianna Dar, Patti Deuter, Jessica Finn, Peter Fyfe, Jeffrey Gomez, Steve Hahn, Richard Jennings, Max Jennings, Peggy LaCerra, Lucy Mattingly, Amy X Neuberg, Alejandro Palacios, Brontez Purnell, Amanda Stanton, Susan Weber, Anna Vignet, Pamela Z.

PICO soundtrack

Sarah Cahill

Rhythmicana by Henry Cowell

Glass Houses No. 7 by Ann Southern

Rivers, Series II, No 2 by Ann Southern

Luciano Chessa

Inkless Imagination IV Tape

Theresa Wong

Variations on Cage What Orbs! (performed by Luciano Chessa) Layercake 5 (with Søren Kjaergaard)