John Sanborn and Mary Perillo: Selected Works, 1987-89

1987-89, 55 min, b&w and color, sound
1987, 5:20 min, color, sound
1988, 7:15 min, color, sound
1989, 10 min, b&w and color, sound
1989, 30 min, color, sound

Galaxy is the first all-digitally edited music video. As David Van Tieghem performs, techniques such as slow motion, ultimatte and Paintbox animation allow him to sonically and rhythmically interact with a high-tech environment. A vivid hybrid of dance, performance and special effects featuring performers Robert Ashley and Julia Heyward, Cause and Effect was produced with REBO High Definition Studios and exhibited as a 35-mm short at the New York Film Festival and the Venice Biennale.

Untitled pays tribute to the life and work of the dancer and choreographer Arnie Zane, who died of AIDS in 1988. His long-time partner Bill T. Jones evokes memories of Zane through a stark, eloquent dance-lament and a parade of ghostly portraits and photographs. Created for Japanese Television, NHK/Media Art Museum documents a live performance by John Zorn, combining pre-recorded and live video sources. Animated graphics, stock footage and vignettes of New York street life mix with Zorn's improvisations to capture the power, possibility and surprise of the city.

Galaxy: In collaboration with David Van Tieghem. Directors: John Sanborn, Mary Perillo. Music: David Van Tieghem. Producer: Robin O'Hara.

Cause and Effect: Written/Directed by John Sanborn and Mary Perillo. With: Robert Ashley, Rebecca Sgan-Cohen, Julia Heyward, Max Rubinstein, David Van Tieghem. Music: David Van Tieghem. Producers: Barry Rebo, Mia Galison.

Untitled: In collaboration with Bill T. Jones. Choreographed/Performed by Bill T. Jones. Text: Arnie Zane, Bill T. Jones. Directors: John Sanborn, Mary Perillo. Producer: Debbie Lepsinger. Music: Hector Berlioz. Produced for "Alive From Off Center," KTCA-TV, Minneapolis.

NHK/Media Art Museum: Directors: John Sanborn, Mary Perillo. Music: John Zorn. Producer: Angela Bowen.