Keys to Our Heart

2008, 24:06 min, b&w, sound, English

"...Keys to Our Heart is a black and white 1940s period piece about an interracial love triangle that (surprise!) turns out to be an unconventional square. Its trite dialogue is peppered with profane, anachronistic slang; the acting is uneven and often exaggerated, and all the voices, both male and female, are dubbed by Linzy, who also does a scene-stealing turn in drag as the main character's conniving best friend. All of these devices create a distancing effect that prevents one from being completely immersed in the drama, but they provide another point of entry — for Linzy. By inserting himself into every aspect of the narrative, he literally gives voice to the widespread desire to see oneself reflected on the screen, to bring those stereotypical roles to very personal life."

— Sharon Mizota, LA Times Blog, 10/7/10

Kalup Linzy Presents: Kalup Linzy, Joshua Seidner, Allison Folland and Introducing Lawanda Hodges.


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