Richard Prince: Editions

1982, 6:47 min, color, sound

Carole Ann Klonarides writes: "The artist Richard Prince is known for re-photographing images from mass-produced magazines and newspaper advertisements. He is equally recognized for fictional writings based on imagined scenarios derived from his photographs. MICA-TV uses the idea of the magazine edition (i.e. 60 Minutes Editions) to present his story. But where is the expose? The answer is in the stories, punctuated with photographs of girls in Earl Wilson's Daily News column, cutting into the story in the same way that the ticking clock ends a segment on 60 Minutes. The soundtrack is noise from an actual printing press; the photographs on each channel are Richard's, 'dying for space.'"

Producers: Carole Ann Klonarides, Michael Owen. Music: Mark Bingham.

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