The In-Between

1990, 11:41 min, b&w and color, sound

Created for the third in a series of "Opening" exhibitions at the Wexner Center for the Visual Arts, The In-Between refers to the building designed by Peter Eisenman, the noted architect/ theoretician. MICA-TV uses a work of fiction, developed in collaboration with writer Susan Daitch, as the vehicle for exploring Eisenman's work. A fractured, layered narrative that parallels Eisenman's concerns is interwoven with his own writing and related architectural texts. Set against the extraordinary imagery of the building itself, this narrative mirrors the process of psychoanalysis, mixing a real or imagined story of pursuit with stream-of-consciousness thoughts in a contemporary Gothic tale.

Music: David Weinstein, Shelley Hirsch. Commissioned by the Wexner Center for the Visual Arts, Ohio State University; and BBC 2.

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