2001, 57:51 min, color, sound

9/11 is a first-hand, harrowing document of the events of September 11th and their immediate aftermath, as observed by the artist. As the tragedy unfolds, Oursler records from his apartment, just blocks from the former World Trade Center, and on the ground in Lower Manhattan. Oursler began recording after the first building was struck, and continued to record as the second tower was hit. His camera also captures the responses of New Yorkers and tourists at the site in the days that follow. 9/11 allows the viewer a highly personal and immediate perspective on the events as they occur.

Camera/Editing: Tony Oursler. Brooklyn Footage: John Kelsey. Editing Assistance: Alistair Banks Griffin. Title Performance and Music: Glen Branca. Thanks to: Jacqueline Humphries.

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