2009, 2:15 min, color, silent, HD video

In this short and beautiful piece, Jacobs creates a flicker effect by editing close-up footage of a stream together with sections of black, producing a sense of constant movement that never progresses. The frame of the image shifts from vertical to horizontal and then slowly rotates 360 degrees, adding a layer of more superficial movement to the pulsating, shifting colors of the stream. Thus foregrounding the image as constructed, flat surface, Brook is impressionistic and painterly in a way that much of Jacobs' work gestures at, but rarely fully embraces.

Video: Ken Jacobs. Assisted by: Erik Nelson.


WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

This work is HD video and must be shown with a 16:9, HD display.
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