2004, 7:50 min, color, sound

Pearlstein writes: "A group of four people are working together on a structure made of blocks. An interloper joins their group, but can't conform to their procedures. She disrupts their activity, eventually damaging their work. A variety of tactics are employed in an effort to reform her into a productive member of society. It seems to work and she becomes a 'team player.' But, her seeming conformity triggers a reversal as the others see their own behavior reflected in hers. They act out destroying their own work, they lose their will and ability to function, they 'crash.' Though they appear to have completely shut down, the moment presents an opportunity for self-reflection and perhaps change."

Actors: Christen Clifford, Sarah Kay, David Mazzeo, Nancy O'Connor, James Urbaniak. Director/Editor: Alix Pearlstein. Camera: Jay King, David Zuckerman. Production Assistants: Briony Barr, Sujin Lee. Technical Assistance: Tim Goodwin, Final Frame. Filmed at George Brown Cyc Studio, NYC.


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