2002, 10:33 min, color, sound, single-channel version

Writes Pearlstein: "Episode presents a group of four characters acting 'as if' they were a 'standard' nuclear family unit: mother, father, daughter and son. Through a series of eight scenes they act out the dynamics of familial relationships, exposing the underlying complexities and subtleties. The actions range from playful games to more dramatic moments. They depict the formative attachments and experiences that shape our behaviors throughout life, from modeling behavior to conflict, discipline, rivalry and affection. The nuances of the interactions reveal that no family is standard, wholly functional or dysfunctional, but rife with contradiction, both humorous and sad."

Actors: Catherine Curtin, David Mazzeo, Emilie Unterweger, James Urbaniak. Director/Editor/Camera: Alix Pearlstein. Production Assistant: Amy Hutchinson. Technical Assistance: Will Cox, I Final Frame. Filmed at Go Daylight Studio, NYC.