1997, 8:30 min, color, sound

Pearlstein writes: "Still is a series of scenes based on actions in which there is an inherent stillness or wherein an action must abruptly come to a halt or pause, physically and psychologically. More like activated 'stills' than live action, this piece plays like a game of Musical Chairs. The compression of pictorial space inherent in the video image, continually asserts itself as echoes of the 'frame' freeze, disappear and mutate. The psychic or spiritual state of stillness is conflated with the conditions of the photograph and film or video still." Here eight scenarios, performed in a minimalist theatrical space, articulate the artist's notion of stillness.

Camera: Alix Pearlstein. Editor: Alex Noyes, Mercer Street Sound. Performers: Michael Smith, Toby Kilpatrick, Carl D'Alvia, Bill Adamo, Alix Pearlstein, Gary Stephen, Hank Hammett, Nancy O'Conner, Amy Epstein, James Urbaniack, Cara Haycak, Mark Conklin. Production Assistant: Galen Joseph-Hunter.