2003, 10:45 min, color, sound

Writes Pearlstein: "The premise of Forsaken is a hierarchy that undergoes a radical shift. One character holds the position of power, which the others, his 'entourage,' appear to support. His position alludes to that of celebrity, politician, teacher, director or boss. The first three scenes depict this hierarchy, while revealing the tensions that lead to the cathartic undoing of this codependent power structure. This false idol falls as the group forsakes, humiliates and discards him. He is left literally picking up the pieces of his shredded image. Their abandonment serves as a respite rather than a renewal, as the status quo is reinstated and the cycle begins again."

Actors: Chuck Montgomery, Charles Parnell, Steven Ratazzi, Suzanne Shepherd, Margot White, James Urbaniak. Director/Editor: Alix Pearlstein. Camera: Alix Pearlstein, Jay King. Production Assistant: Laura Harmon. Technical Assistance: Will Cox, Final Frame. Filmed at George Brown Cye Studio, NYC.


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