1996, 8:35 min, color, sound

Writes Pearlstein: "A white cat, the Playboy party jokes girl, an artist/florist, and the Energizer bunny are among the disparate characters who inhabit Interiors, a loop of six scenes based on a series of drawings. Like animated pictures, each depicts an interior landscape which transforms through the interventions of its residents as they work and play in, and dress and undress their set(tings). A baton is passed from one scene to the next, an inheritance like a hand-me-down, whose purpose, once altered, is then left behind, linking these narrative moments like rooms in a house whose owner keeps re-decorating."

Camera: Alix Pearlstein. Editing: Robert Beck, Electronic Arts Intermix. Performers: Alix Pearlstein, Bogie Banovich. Lena Dunham, Michael Smith.


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