Diving Women of Jeju-do

2007, 23:53 min, color, sound, Korean with English subtitles

Jeju-do is the largest of Korean islands and lies between Korea and Japan. There, for hundreds of years, women dive without breathing apparatus to the ocean floor and collect shellfish, octopus, and urchins that they sell. This ancient women's tradition is about to die. Barbara Hammer dives with the women and records the reasons behind their disappearing work and lifestyles.

Director/Camera/Editing: Barbara Hammer. Assistant Director: Myung Mi Ha. Driver/Second Camera: Min Tae-Ryun. Translators: Grace Lee, Sook-Hee Kim. Composers: Jeeyoung Kim, Gerhard Stabler. Jeju Folk Songs: "Ahwehgi," "You and Me," "Sounds of Waiting." Sound Mix: Stephanie Testa. Research: Rim Hwa Han, Josephine Wright. Archives: Ms. Ryan, The AMA Diver, Jeju Hae-Nyeo. Funding: N.Y. State Council for the Arts, The Experimental T.V. Center, Women's Film Festival in Seoul.

Thanks to: Hong Hee-Bok, Hong Myoung-Hwa, Kang Mi-Ja, Koh Shi Yol, Park Choon Shim, Song Ryum Sook, Soon Kum, Sung Wol-Soon, Yang In-Sook. Special Thanks to: Florrie Burke, Lee Hyae-Kyoung, Andrea Weiss, The Woodstock Artist Salon, Valery & Youngsuk J. Estabrook.