Maya Deren's Sink

2011, 29:08 min, color, sound, HD video

Maya Deren's Sink explores Deren's concepts of space, time and form through visits and projections filmed in her Los Angeles and New York homes. The project began after Hammer discovered a sink formerly owned by Deren at Anthology Film Archives and embarked on an homage to the "Mother of American Experimental Cinema."

Hammer re-imagines Deren’s film locations of the 1940s in the present, providing entry into intimate spaces and former times, reclaiming the places that inspired the influential filmmaker. Hammer interweaves the performance of an actor, as well as the voices of the current home owners, Judith Malina, Carolee Schneemann, Ross Lipmann and others. The meditation on space and architecture investigates the relationship between private and public spheres, creating a unique architectural portrait of Deren.

The experimental soundtrack is created from the music of Teiji Ito (Deren's third husband), Tavia Ito, and Teiji’s daughter.

Director of Photography: Erin Harper, Barbara Hammer. Second Camera: K.J. Mohr. Editor: Stephanie Testa, Barbara Hammer. Actor: Bekka Lindstrom, Tavia Ito: Daughter of Teiji Ito, Abby Johannes: Writer, Ross Lipman: Filmmaker, Robert Polito: Writer, Judith Malina: The Living Theatre, John Mhiripiri: Anthology Film Archives, Gail Ryan: Second Wife of Teiji Ito, May Routh: Los Angeles, Jean Reynolds: New York, Carolee Schneemann: Artist, Jerry Tallmer: Village Voice. Alan Wynroth: New York. Sound Design & Mix: Stephanie Testa.

"Lifelines, Handwritten, Operation, Hourglass, Water Music Study, Tenno" Composed & Performed by Teiji Ito. Courtesy of Tzadik Records. "Flute Music" Composed & Performed by Tavia Ito. Courtesy of Tavia Ito. "Haitian Music" Recorded by Maya Deren.

Film Clips: "Meshes of the Afternoon" by Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid. "Ritual in Transfigured Time" by Maya Deren. "At Land" by Maya Deren. "Divine Horsemen" by Maya Deren. "Private Life of a Cat" by Alexander Hammid.

Text: Maya Deren "Film Culture, 39," 1965.

Special Thank You: Sally Berger, Florrie Burke, Carolina Guzman, Catrina Neiman, Andrea Weiss