Lesbian Whale

2015, 6:35 min, color, sound, HD video

"Lesbian Whale ... is a video animation of Hammer’s early notebook drawings set to a sound track of commentary by the artist’s friends and peers. The script is composed of fragments and stray thoughts – 'as a feminist I’m very skeptical'; 'not necessarily physical time but emotional time' – and it’s not quite clear whether it’s spontaneous, planned, composed by the speakers, or read from Hammer’s notebooks. If Hammer’s artistic influence is well documented, this slippage between voices, authors, and images suggests an ethos of collaboration and conviviality that may prove to be her greatest legacy." — Andrew Kachel, Artforum

Director/Drawer/Sound Designer: Barbara Hammer. After Effects: JiYe Kim. Post Production: Valery Estabrook.

Voice Participants: A.K. Burns, Heather Cassils, Myrel Chernick, Janlori Goldman, Holly Hughes, Daniel Alexander Jones, Reena Katz, Bradford Nordeen, Liz Rosenfeld, Julia Steinmetz.