2006, 55:06, color, sound

1920s Surrealist artists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore come to life in this hybrid documentary. Lesbians and step-sisters, the gender-bending artists lived and worked together all their lives. Heroic resisters to the Nazis occupying Jersey Isle during WWII, they were captured and sentenced to death. Hammer infuses this film with vigor, using photographs, archival footage, dramatic interludes of a "found Cahun script," and unique interviews with Jersey Isle residents who knew the "sisters."

Sound Design: Pamela Z. Actors: Kathleen Chalfant, Marty Pottenger, Alana Chazan, Yves Musard. Costumes: Alicia Relles, Eva Saks. Make-Up: Jerry Lopez. Sound Mix: Paul Hill. Production Assitants: Sam Feder, Kalup Linzy, Sean Solowiej, Stephanie Testa, Christina Wall. Archives: Jersey Film Archive, Olive Thompson Film, Jersey Heritage Trust, Jersey War Tunnels, Société Jersiasise, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Funding and Support, New York State Council on the Arts, Women In Film, Experimental T.V. Center, Wexner, Center Media Arts Program, The Ohio State University, The Hugh M.Hefner Foundation.