Titles with or about Mike Kelley

Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #1 (Domestic Scene)

2000, 29:44 min, b&w, sound

Kelley has constructed a half-hour drama inspired by a photo found in a high school yearbook. The original, a still from a school play, depicts two young men in a shabby apartment. From this image Kelley has re-staged a 'Domestic Scene': the protagonists' unnerving, at times histrionic, relationship.

Producers: Mike Kelley, Greg Kucera, Catherine Sullivan, in conjunction with Galleria EMI Fontana. With: Darrel Guilbeau, John Engmyr, Julia D'Agostino. Director of Photography: Greg Kucera. Cameras: Greg Kucera, Florian Stadler, Tony Garcia. Assistant Camera: Rebecca Carter. Sound Recording: Damon O'Steen, Mayo Thompson. Editing and Effects: Greg Kucera. Sound Arrangement: Mark Reveley. Organist: Adam Benjamin. Production Assistants: David Huges, Abram Boosinger, Chris Boosinger, Farhad Sharmini, Cameron Jamie, Elaine Brandt, T. Kelly Mason.


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