In Shadow City

1988, 13 min, color, sound

Merging fiction and non-fiction, In Shadow City considers relations between humans and animals. This episodic narrative examines how animal metaphors for human behavior have entered the common idiom, the use and abuse of animals for human benefit, and the narrowly proscribed role that nature plays in the urban environment. Footage shot in Asia and in New York contrasts the spiritual importance of animals, and their integration into daily life in Eastern cultures, with their indifferent or cruel treatment in the West. The work culminates in a reading of myths and fairy tales by artists wearing animal masks, who take on the characteristics of the creatures.

Music: David Behrman. With: Robert Fiengo, Yolanda Hawkins, Constance De Jong, Tony Oursler, Francine Zerfas. Voices: Ursula Bernis, Ken Feingold, Constance De Jong, N. Shashidhara, John Torreano, Francine Zerfas. CMX Editor: Tom Crawford.