The Double

1984, 29 min, color, sound

The Double continues Feingold's project of constructing a language system of signifying chains from ordered sequences of images and sounds, and of investigating the ways in which information is perceived and received. This companion piece to 5 dim/MIND examines the dichotomy between personal and collective knowledge, and cognitive and physical processes. Feingold writes of "the world surveyed for extreme manifestations, wild examples; and at the center, a man's chest is opened while we hear doubled recitations of the categories of human knowledge. This work is about the spaces that open up before us when we look at ourselves in the world, and find our pulses racing a bit from ... what? ... the knowledge that we are a part of all this?"

Reading: Vito Acconci. Songs: Kate Johnston. With: Ken Feingold, Kate Johnston, Jon Edwards, Ruth Mason, Johanna Butler, Michael Peterson.