The Smallest Particle

1987, 7:53 min, color, sound

In The Smallest Particle, Feingold constructs an elliptical narrative of perception and memory. Shot in Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and India, this elusive work interweaves a multiplicity of disconnected narrative threads: the fractured experiences of an American woman's travels in Asia, a Balinese man telling a story, and a young boy dancing before the camera. Feingold compares this exploration of meaning to a multi-faceted crystal or a maze of diverging paths through which many perspectives are obtained. Addressing how spoken language alters the perception of images, he writes of "the ability of images and sounds to suggest many different understandings and interpretations simultaneously."

Camera/Sound/Editor: Ken Feingold. With: Francine Zerfas, W. Atjin Tisna. Production Assistance: Francine Zerfas. Produced by Ken Feingold/Oasis Videoproduction.