Un Chien Délicieux

1991, 18:45 min, color, sound

Writes Feingold, "Post WWII Paris and the last moments of Surrealism are remembered by a Burmese man in the 'Golden Triangle' of Northern Thailand. Lo Me Akha returned to Paris with a team of French anthropologists after their visit to his village in 1946. While working with Michel Leiris, he became friendly with Andre Breton and his circle of Surrealists. In a series of vivid recollections, he speaks about their encounters, about Breton's interest in 'Otherness,' and about how he arranged to coax Breton into breaking a deeply rooted French taboo. A related cooking demonstration follows."

With: Lo Me Akha. Camera/Sound/Editor: Ken Feingold. Interpreter: Opas Saenya. Translation read by David Lamelas.