Relays That Destroy Instants

1981-83, 35:15 min, color, sound
1982, 2:40 min, color, sound
1983, 42 sec, color, sound
1981, 9:19 min, color, sound
1981, 8:23 min, color, sound
1982, 11:38 min, color, sound

Here Feingold utilizes the devices of condensation, repetition and displacement to analyze sequences of media images. Appropriating and restructuring footage from television news broadcasts, he orders image sequences of war, starvation, brutality and death in an attempt to "map myself, my subjects, and the processes of creation, decay and dissolution of the world within this `spectacle' of media information." Feingold escalates the intensity of imagery until the final segment, in which he releases the tension with a sequence of ocean waves, "an open-ended dream which embraces many possibilities, both in its lyricism and in its opening out of `the media' into the world."