Secret of the Waterfall

1982-83, 28:35 min, color, sound

The confluence of words and movement propels this multi-layered collaboration by Atlas, choreographer Douglas Dunn, and poets Anne Waldman and Reed Bye. Dunn's athletic choreography is performed to the rhythms, cadences, and associative meanings of the poets' "cascade of words," which function as music. Atlas introduces narrative references, ironically staging the dance in unexpected locations, including domestic interiors and vehicles. In a self-referential deconstruction that punctures the theatrical illusion, the poets are seen reading their texts and interacting as self-conscious performers within the dance. Atlas and his collaborators intersect the language of words with the language of the body.

Choreography: Douglas Dunn. Dancers: Susan Blankensop, Douglas Dunn, Diane Frank, John McLaughlin, Deborah Riley, Grazia Della-Terza. Text: Reed Bye, Anne Waldman. Producer: Susan Dowling. Produced by the WGBH New Television Workshop.


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