The Legend of Leigh Bowery

2002, 82:25 min, color, sound

In this documentary feature, Charles Atlas examines the legend and the life of his friend and collaborator – artist, performer, fashion designer, model, and club promoter and icon Leigh Bowery. In a remarkable and brief period before his early death from AIDS-related illness in 1994, Bowery made an indelible mark on nightlife, fashion, and artmaking in London, New York, and beyond. Through a wealth of archival footage and frank and uncensored interviews with friends, family, and fellow artists, Atlas traces the extraordinary impact Bowery had on culture, recalling his infamous nightclub Taboo, his collaborations with dancer and choreographer Michael Clark, his time as a muse to Lucien Freud, and his notorious, innovative, and influential fashions and performances. The result is a complex, candid portrait of a singular talent – and a legend.

With: Rachel Auburn, Bronwyn Bowery, Nicola Bowery, Tom Bowery, Michael Bracewell, Les Child, Michael Clark, Cerith Wyn Evans, Sophie Fiennes, Bella Freud, Boy George, Damien Hirst, David Holah, Lorcan O'Neill, Rifat Ozbek, Norman Rosenthal, Sue Tilley, Richard Torry, Donald Urquhart.