Ordering Information


Most works are available for rental for screenings or exhibitions as digital files, on BluRay or DVD discs, DVCam and Beta SP formats. Please contact EAI Distribution about other formats. Rentals must have scheduled screening or exhibition dates. In some cases rental fees may be credited towards a subsequent purchase.


For exhibitions or screenings that are touring to other venues, a separate rental fee must be paid for each venue. Exhibition and payment details for all venues must be negotiated at the time of the first exhibition.


We do not usually provide DVD PAL because of quality concerns. If you are unable to play any other format we may be able to have a DVD PAL specially made. There may be added technical costs and extra lead time may be needed.

Returning Works

Works must be returned immediately after the scheduled screening or exhibition date, postmarked the next business day. Late fees of $5.00 per day apply. Do not return works in fiber-filled packages, as they can open and damage tapes. You are liable for any damage to works.

You are responsible for all return shipping costs. Return works via United Parcel Service, U.S. Mail First Class, or Parcel Post prepaid and insure to the value of $50 per work. Please note on all shipping documents that insured value is the replacement value; there is no commercial value. International return shipments should be labeled "Videocassettes (or DVDs) enclosed, do not x-ray."

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