Ordering Information

Exhibition Troubleshooting

Please check media on your equipment prior to screening or exhibition. Any media errors or compatibility issues should be identified as early as possible in case replacements are needed.

Overall image and sound quality depends on the equipment used to shoot and edit the work. Some problems, such as video glitches or audio synchronization, may be intrinsic to the work. This is related to the year of production and the equipment available to the artists at the time.

Troubleshooting Tips

Image Problems:

- DVDs and tapes are pre-formatted to play at the correct aspect ratio. Please make sure your projector or monitor is set to the same aspect ratio as the provided media. Most works should be shown at 4:3 aspect ratio unless otherwise noted to be 16:9 or HD.

- Check connections. When playing from a computer source, HDMI or DVI connections should be used to connect to the projector or monitor. VGA adapter can be used if necessary.

- When connecting with analog video, Component cable is most highly recommended; S-Video cables are recommended over Composite (RCA) cables for image.

- Check projector settings. Set to appropriate input source and aspect ratio. The Progressive function should be set to OFF for video playback.

- Check playback deck settings. Some systems may be capable of playing various formats. Be sure to set the deck to appropriate playback format.

Audio Problems:

- Check audio output levels on playback deck and amplifier. Decrease Gain if distortion occurs.

- Check audio input levels. When running into a mixer, Gain levels should be set to Unity or lower. Use faders to trim volume.

Please consult an Audio/Visual technician at your facility before contacting EAI for support.

EAI's Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting, Collecting & Preserving Media Art

This useful resource has sections devoted to Basic Questions about exhibiting, screening and acquiring single-channel video works. These questions cover fundamental issues such as the preferred media formats for exhibitions and archives; license agreements and rights; equipment and technical guidelines, and other information that may be helpful when placing your order. Please visit the following sections of the Resource Guide for additional information and recommendations:

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