Ordering Information

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Many of the works in EAI's collection are available for broadcast and cablecast. All broadcast and cablecast rights are reserved. Contact EAI for terms, fees and licensing information.

Image Requests

Images are available as video stills, which are provided as digital files (jpeg), for Macs or PCs. Please direct image inquiries by email. You will be asked to sign and return an Image Agreement before we can proceed with your request. There is a 5-10 business day turn around for requests, so please contact us well in advance of your print deadline. Larger orders should be requested with at least a four week lead time.

EAI captures video stills directly from the works. As such, the video stills share the resolution of video, which is 72 DPI. Video is by nature a low-resolution medium and all video stills will share the low-resolution characteristics intrinsic to the medium. Please note that your designer will have to resize images to 300 DPI for use in print publications.

Paid Admissions

If you exhibit EAI's works for a paid admission screening, the standard rental rate is charged as a guarantee against 50% of the gross receipts.


All programs are copyrighted and remain the property of the artist and EAI. Works may not be duplicated, copied, or reproduced in whole or in part; exhibited theatrically, broadcast or cablecast; lent, transferred, leased or subleased to any institution or individual; altered or excerpted in any way, without prior written consent of Electronic Arts Intermix.

We encourage you to send us copies of any promotional materials, program notes, reviews or audience feedback that result from the screening of EAI programs. Where possible, please credit EAI as the distributor on your print materials.

Viewing Room

All of the works available for sale or rental may be viewed in EAI's Viewing Room. Note: EAI's in-person viewing room is currently on hiatus. To arrange the preview of titles through EAI's virtual viewing catalog, please send inquiries to info@eai.org

Viewing Room hours are 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please call at least 2-3 weeks in advance for an appointment.