Ordering Information


Fees are determined by the duration of the work, format and usage. Most fee information can be accessed by clicking the Ordering & Fees link on each work's title page.

For broadcasts or other special requests, please contact EAI Distribution.

Many of the orders we receive come with an inquiry into the possibility of a discount. We carefully consider each one on a case-by-base basis, so that we can support institutions in genuine need.

EAI is a non-profit organization. The fees that we charge cover the costs of our services, and return a royalty to the artist. Any discount impacts on income towards EAI’s services, and the artist’s fee.

A 5% to 10% discount may be offered at EAI’s discretion, especially for larger orders or archival licenses. Any larger discount percentage will be deducted from the artists’ royalty, and is therefore at the discretion of the artist.

Several factors are considered when approving a discount. Since EAI incurs greater costs to fulfill rush orders, discounts are not possible for orders received outside of EAI’s minimum turn-around (link to Ordering Information). Institutions clearly demonstrating that EAI’s full fee would prohibit a public presentation are more likely to receive a discount.

Discounts will not be considered for commercial uses.

Because the fee returns a royalty to individual artists, and covers actual costs incurred by EAI, trades cannot be offered in exchange of fees.

Crediting EAI and the artist is a condition of exhibition, and cannot be offered in exchange for a fee.