2004, 24:19 min, color, sound

The final installment in Cokes' Pop Manifesto series, 1! takes a stroll through the artist's music collection, presenting the titles of 100 recent albums released over a five year period. This annotated discography is paired with excerpts from an essay by critic Christoph Cox discussing rock music?s forms and ideological premises, all laid over an appropriated vintage documentary explaining how to project a film. Writes Cokes: "One could read the film projectionist as an amusing metaphor for contemporary art and music practice. Often in today's 'digital age,' a hybrid model of cultural consumer and producer, like the DJ, VJ, or 'laptop' electronic musician, displaces the traditional role of artist/musician."

Music: Mike Bell-Smith. Text: Christoph Cox. Audio Curator: Lars Hubrich. Animator/ Editor: Scott Pagano. Curatorial Advisors: Marc Pierson, Scott Pagano, Tobias Levin, Jeff Reichert, Christian Katti, John Neely, Benj Gerdes, Kevin Murphy, Axel Fischer, Andros Zins Browne, Georges Black, David Stowell, Mike Bell-Smith, Patti Capaldi, Monoland, Nobukazu Takemura, Christoph Cox, Marcus Acher, Seth Price.