Evil.20 (b.o.m.h.edit)

2009-2012, 21:45 min, b&w, sound, HD video

Writes Cokes, "Evil.20: b.o.m.h.(edit) restructures images of the World Trade Center and its destruction set to a hauntological dubstep sound mix I made based on tracks by Shackleton. The appropriated visuals are displaced and re-rendered in monochrome negative. The computer voiceover is an excerpt from the book Afflicted Powers by the collective Retort. This 22-minute edit, which frames only the events of September 11, 2001 and their aftermath, will eventually be released as a single-channel work. There is a longer, 68 minute installation version which considers a broader history of the buildings' representations against a variety of dark dubstep and ambient sounds."