1992, 28:20 min, color, sound

Through an innovative juxtaposition of text and appropriated archival footage, Cokes deconstructs the male gaze in cinema and moving image culture. The imaging/reimaging of Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, and Joan of Arc serve as models of this fragile construction, while a scathing commentary of illustrative feminist text pulls the viewer through this explorative essay.

Text: Kaja Silverman, Catherine Clement, Jacques Attali. Voiceover text: Kaja Silverman. Voice: Veronica Paiz. Images: "Possessed," Universal Newsreel, "Passion De Jean D'Arc," Ed Sullivan Show. Songs: "Confession," "Symphony in a Kiss." Music: George Black, David Stowell. DJ: Tony Cokes. Publisher: Stealth. Music Editor: Ivar Smedstad. Assistant Director: Kenseth Armstead. Post Production: Robert Beck, Electronic Arts Intermix. Image Prep/Sound Transfer: Rick Reta. Studio Assistant: King Giotto Boy. This project was made possible in part from National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts. DuVall LTD and Rizz Productions.